Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? We Can Help

When compared to automobile wrecks, motorcycle accidents are much more likely to result in the death of the rider. Even if the rider survives the accident, the possibility that they'll suffer long-term injuries is still great. Despite the ratio of motorcyclists to car drivers on the road, thousands of motorcycle wrecks occur yearly, and many are the product of a negligent driver. To cover the costs of their medical expenses and lost wages, injured victims often require the services of competent, dependable accident attorneys. At the Tucson, AZ Law Offices of Price & Price, our motorcycle accident lawyers strive to put the needs of injured clients and families of deceased victims first.

Severe Injuries

Motorcycle wrecks generally always pose a critical risk to the rider, especially if an automobile is involved in the accident. Riders are particularly susceptible to danger because they don't have the security of various materials shielding them from outside impacts. Our accident lawyers serve Marana, AZ and the surrounding region, and are familiar with the potential outcomes riders face when they become the victim of an accident, such as road rash, broken bones, head trauma and death. Going through the process of filing a personal injury claim is stressful, especially when you've been badly injured. Allowing an accident lawyer to handle the hard work for you saves you time, money, and unneeded aggravation.

Reliable Legal Counsel

If you or someone dear to you was injured in a motorcycle accident, and you feel the other party was to blame, it's imperative that you contact us immediately for the services of a qualified accident attorney. We provide free, convenient consultations, and will discuss the details of your case in the comfort of your home or hospital room. As a firm of motorcycle accident attorneys, our collective goals for our clients involve constructing the strongest cases possible, providing excellent representation, and ensuring they're compensated for their injuries.