Bicycle v. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Personal Injury Attorneys for Injured Arizona Cyclists

Among the most common types of accidents are traffic accidents, which typically also include bicycle accidents. Hundreds of cyclists are killed each year in the United States, and thousands more suffer injuries. The cause of many bicycle crashes can be attributed to distracted or careless automobile drivers who neglected to pay attention to their surroundings. Naturally, bicycle v. motor vehicle crashes can have detrimental, if not fatal, consequences for the cyclist. If you've sustained injuries due to the recklessness of another and are in need of an accident attorney, the Tucson, AZ accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Price & Price are prepared to handle your personal injury claim.

Don't Hesitate

After you've sought medical treatment and documented any potential evidence to the best of your ability, seeking qualified bicycle accident attorneys to help you determine the best course of action is crucial. Anytime an injured victim feels another party is liable for the injuries they've sustained, a knowledgeable accident lawyer is usually needed to provide guidance and support. In claims involving bicycle and motor vehicle accidents, as with most accidents, proving which party is at-fault often requires the adeptness of a trained legal professional to review the evidence, determine what a victim is entitled to, and construct a workable case.

Comprehensive, Genuine Support

The reputable bicycle accident lawyers of Price & Price strive to deliver legal protection, suggestions, and compassion to each client. Our accident attorneys serve Marana, AZ and the surrounding region. They possess extensive personal injury experience, and will work vigorously on your behalf toward a positive outcome in your case.